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Client        : Sunrise Resort

Description : 5 resort villas

Location     : Gili Air, Lombok, Indonesia

Value         : RM 1.65 million

Completion : 2013


We were fortunate to be engaged to design 5 double-storey villas on the edge of the beach resort facing the sunrise. To take advantage of the prime spot, the villas were designed to have a bedroom and an outdoor bath on the ground, and an open living on the upper floor to allow guests to enjoy sunrise straight from their villa. The style pays homage to the traditional Sasak architecture of Lombok and was inspired by the form of a “Lumbung Padi’' the roof adopts a similar shape and is thatched with palm leaves.

Client        : Bina Darulaman Wellness & 

                  Development Bhd

Description : Resort & Function Hall

Location     : Gunung Raya, Langkawi, Kedah

Status        : Design Proposal


A proposal to add new blocks of hotel accommodations and F&B outlets to the existing resort facilities within the area. The new accommodation blocks were arranged in a staggered-parallel manner to allow unobstructed view of the lush surrounding green. An independent F&B building housing a Tea House with two restaurants offer indoor/outdoor dining to further capture the breathtaking greens

Client        : Bina Darulaman Wellness &

                  Development Bhd

Description : Sea Villas, Mangrove Villas, Forest Villas,

                  Spa Center, a Clubhouse & a cafe

Location     : Bukit Wang Temoyong, Langkawi, Kedah

Status        : Design Proposal


Located in Langkawi's Telok Temoyong, the eco-resort was designed to co-exist and complement the existing natural landscape and enhance the site's rich biodiversity. Three types of accommodations were proposed, each to reflect its terrain; namely the Hillside Suites built using glulam timber structure to emulate the emerging forest trees, Mangrove Lofts built on stilts arranged in clusters of 4 to look like floating flowers in a pond and the luxury Sea Villas as decks with sails to resemble boats out in the sea. The accommodations have dedicated pools and are supported by a clubhouse, a wellness center and a satellite service station, all connected via raised boardwalks to keep earthwork to its minimal and preserve the natural ecosystem.


Client        : M Quest (M) Bhd

Description : -15 luxury villas

                  - 56 chalets

                  - 143-room hotel 

                  - 1 Clubhouse

                  - 1 Amphitheatre

Location     : Pulau Bumbon Besar, Langkawi, Kedah

Status        : Design Proposal

A proposal in Pulau Bumbon Langkawi where the development is set to take place amidst the island's untouched forest greens between the two peaks, where the beautiful beaches, one facing sunrise and the other facing sunset. Various designed luxury chalets are introduced to populate between existing trees complimented by an extensive sprawling clubhouse with a spa centre, a diving school and an infinity pool dominate the sunrise beach. While a 200-room low-rise hotel with an open amphitheatre catered for a concert or seminars and team building programmes; is proposed on the other side of the island.